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Kwando Safaris November Updates Part I

Tuesday, 15 December 2009 10:03 by BillGiven

Kwando Safaris has provided us their exciting November updates - which includes wildlife sightings from across 5 camps. As usual, due to the length of the update I'm going to break it into two completely separate blog posts. The first will contain news on Kwando Lagoon Camp and Kwando Kwara Camp . The second update will likely be out on Thursday and will cover Tau Pan Camp , Nxai Pan Camp , and Kwando Lebala Camp . I hope you enjoy reading these safari camp updates and let me know if you have any questions about the camps by leaving a comment for the blog post or contacting me directly. Thanks!

Kwando Lagoon Camp

Photo of African Wild Dogs in Botswana
African Wild Dogs - like these photographed from one of my earlier trips - are feasting on newborn impala near Kwando Lagoon Camp
Photo © Bill Given

The famous Wild Dogs of Lagoon have been running riot amidst all the newborn antelopes in Lagoon in recent weeks. The Impala calves in particular have been singled out for predation. They are particularly weak in the early days and the Dogs are masters of finding the most vulnerable individuals.

There was a unique sighting of Hyenas pulling down a young Giraffe that had strayed away from its mother recently. A total of seven Hyenas surrounded the youngster and brought it down in front of a safari car. Hyenas are often incorrectly thought of as exclusively scavenging creatures but they supplied ample evidence to the contrary here.

Elsewhere there have been plenty of Lion and Cheetah sightings as well. Small bands of nomadic Males have been spotted in the upper Kwando and three females are often sighted around Half Way Pan area. General game is excellent once again and very enjoyable game driving at this time of the year with all the new greenery, young antelope and migratory birds in the area.

Kwando Kwara Camp

Floodwaters in the Okavango have receded and are waiting to be topped up by the incoming rains. The result has been to localise the wildlife around the permanent waters of the Maunichura River and floodplains adjacent to Kwara.

Photo of a Leopard from a Zambia walking safari
Leopards are active near Kwando Kwara Camp
(photo above is from my recent trip to Zambia)
Photo © Bill Given

There was a wonderful sighting of a Leopard accompanied by a three month old cub pulling an Impala into a Sausage Tree. Consequently, there were some excellent opportunities for photos over the next few days of feeding. Other Leopards have also been spotted close to the camp on return from night driving in the area.

The female Cheetah and four cubs that have become such a favourite in Kwara are active in the western areas towards the Tsum Tsum flood plains. The cubs are now at juvenile size and learning fast from their skilled mother in the arts of hunting and discretion. They can normally be seen stalking Impalas or young antelope or, in the heat of the day, lying in rest under a Kalahari Star Apple.

‘The Seven Boys’ of Kwara are once again making their presence felt in the concession and often split into threes and fours to cover more of their vast territory. No other Lions stand a chance with these males dominating confrontations. We see them hunting Buffalos on the northern fringes of the area close to the Mopane forest and yet they will venture southwards to look for other game such as Lechwe. On one occasion the leftovers of a Giraffe were found as a result of ‘The Seven Boys’.

We have also had some great sightings of less well known species such as Martial’s Eagle, Long Crested Eagle, African Civet, a four metre long African Rock Python, Giant Eagle Owls and of course Crocs and hippos in the lagoon.

For tomorrow's blog post, I'll be covering the other three camps.


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