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Walk on the Wild Side Safari - Mapula Lodge

Friday, 16 October 2009 22:11 by BillGiven

Photo of Mapula Lodge Bar
Mapula Lodge Bar - Overlooking Hippo-Filled Waterhole
Photo © Bill Given

Mapula Lodge in Botswana is where the group is currently staying. This is their second safari location after spending a little over a week at various camps in Zambia. Mapula Lodge is one of Bill's absolute favorite safari destinations - and I'll be providing a lot of information on Mapula Lodge after you have a chance to review the itinerary and map below.

Please see the itinerary and map below for details on Bill's current Walk on the Wild Side Safari.

Walk on the Wildside Safari Key

Mapula Lodge Overview

Mapula Lodge is located in the far north of the Okavango Delta making Mapula one of the most remote camps in Botswana. Mapula Lodge is one of Bill's favorite camps for many reasons:

  • Tremendous Community that Staffs the Lodge
  • Scenic Location of the Camp
  • Very comfortable - but not over the top accommodations
  • The Camp is Focused on Game Viewing
  • Outstanding guides and trackers

Mapula Lodge Game Viewing

Photo of Endangered African Wild Dogs at Mapula
Endangered African Wild Dogs Call the Mapula Concession Home
Photo © Bill Given

Bill is a huge fan of Mapula lodge for many reasons, including great the great game viewing Mapula Lodge provides in this remote part of the Okavango Delta. After historic floods peaked a few months back, the region has been drying out ever since. With this October visit, Bill and his group are fortunate enough to be there at the height of the dry season. Game viewing is at its best as animals congregate at permanent water resources.

Lions and African wild dogs are commonly seen from Mapula Lodge and the presence of large numbers of buffalo and elephants makes this an exciting time. Smaller cats, serval and caracal are much rarer sightings but seem to be spotted with a fair frequency at Mapula. The area is well known for the elegant sable antelope that is rarely seen in other areas as well as the highly endangered African wild dog that has a history of denning near Mapula Lodge. At this time of year lions are focused on hunting buffalo providing tremendous drama for those fortunate enough to witness the action.

Mapula Lodge Activities

Bill and his group will be partaking in many of the fantastic activities that Mapula Lodge offers, including:

  • Game Drives
  • Night Drives
  • Bush Walks
  • Mokoro (dugout canoe)
  • Village Visit (River Bushmen)

Mapula Lodge Accommodations

Photo of the inside of a Mapula Lodge Chalet
Photo of the Inside of a Chalet at Mapula Lodge

The chalets at Mapula Lodge are unique - combining the feel of a chalet structure with a tent as the entire back of the chalet is screened mesh letting in the wild sounds and allowing private views out to the lagoon at Mapula and the hippos, elephants, fish eagles and multitude of other species that are commonly seen.

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