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Summer Safari 2009: Lemala Mara Camp

Sunday, 30 August 2009 11:54 by BillGiven

Bill is now in Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. He's staying at the Lemala Mara Camp which is in the northern part of the Park. This blog post will discuss the Lemala Mara Luxury Camp in detail. For his full itinerary and links to his entire trip, click on the appropriate link below:

Lemala Mara Camp

If you're keeping tabs on Bill's Summer Safari of 2009 - you probably already know that he's in the Northern Serengeti in Tanzania. The place where he's staying is Lemala Mara Camp. Lemala Mara camp is so named due to its close proximity to the Mara River. The Mara river's claim to fame is for the wildebeest crossings during the great migration. Annually, wildebeest cross from one side to the other (repeatedly) to find the best grasses to dine on. The transition from one side of the river to the other is often a dangerous one for wildebeest as the Mara river is home to crocodiles.

Vehicles at Lemala Mara Luxury Camp

photo of a Lemala Mara Camp Vehicle
Brand New Vehicles Coming to Lemala Mara Camp!

Lemala Mara Camp has new custom designed game drive vehicles to arrive this season. The vehicles are open sided vehicles which are great for game viewing. Middle seats in these vehicles are removed to give more space during game drives.

Lemala Mara Camp Accommodations

Photo of safari tented camp at Lemala Mara Luxury Camp
Spacious Accommodations at Lemala Mara Luxury Camp
Photo Courtesy of Lemala Luxury Camps

Featuring 9 spacious and luxurious tents, Lemala Mara Luxury Camp offers plenty to guests. Tents have large twin single beds or a king-size double bed. Running water sinks, hot bucket shower, a wooden platform floor are in each tent. The dinner tent offers a fine dining experience as well.

I hope that gives you a bit more information on where Bill is staying and gives a feel for the experiences available to him in the Serengeti. This is Bill's last day in the Serengeti. I expect another text message from him - and then he's off to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

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