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Sunday, 7 June 2009 14:25 by webmaster

Mahale Chimpanzee - Photo by Bill Given of TheWildSource.comI'm not sure if this will become a regular feature on The Africa Safari Blog or not - but we do have some very interesting news from around the Internet regarding primates. I'm going to feature four separate stories from different locations in this week's safari blog roundup. You can catch all of these stories and much more by checking out our Africa Safari News section right here at TheWildSource.com.

This week PRIMATES are a popular topic from safari related blogs from around the Internet. Let's get to the recap:

1) Greystoke Mahale Blog
Chimpanzees Hunting Yellow Baboons.

In this Mahale Blog update, chimpanzee trekking guide Gabriel I Mushi gives the update about Chimpanzees actively hunting other primate species. Gabriel has witnessed chimps hunting Red Colubus Monkey in the past. But he describes this adventure a few months ago where he witnessed chimpanzees hunting Yellow Baboon. It is a fascinating read.

Bill was just in Mahale Mountains National Park (where the accompanying photo for this blog post was taken). Bill is currently very busy attempting to keep up with client requests. We should be hearing more about his Tanzania travels and viewing plenty of photos in the upcoming weeks.

2) Discovery Channel Mountain Gorilla Blog
A baby gorilla recovers from a nasty cold

In this update, Dr. Lucy Spelman gives an update on Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda. Be advised that there are great baby gorilla photos in this blog update, and you'll probably end up wanting to subscribe to this blog in your feed reader. The story details some illnesses that seem to be travelling around and being transmitted between members of the gorilla group.

3. Live Science Blog
Thieving Capuchin Monkeys

While not native to Africa, this blog post about capuchin monkeys was pretty fascinating. Apparently, some capuchin monkeys send out false warning calls that a predator is in the vicinity. They do this so that the other capuchins will drop what they're eating to seek cover. This provides a quick and easy meal for the deceitful monkey.

4. Live Science Blog
Giant Lemur Species Discovered

News from Madagascar where an extinct species of giant lemur were recently discovered. As you may already know, lemurs are only found in Madagascar. The largest living lemur weighs 22 lbs. These giant lemurs weighed up to 77 lbs.

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